About Parvatibai Mhaske Institute Of Nursing

Pravatibai Mhaske Institute of Nursing was started in 1999. Its revised course in General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) 3years started in 2004& Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery course (ANM) 2 year started in 1999 is recognized by Maharashtra and Indian Nursing Council.


Developing an institution with academic excellence by providing comprehensive nursing education with respect to recent trends, global health care standards and contributing to the nation through nursing profession.


  • Help Nurses in their personal & professional development that they are able to make maximum contribution for highly technical and constantly evolving health care requirement & need of the society.
  • Provision of comprehensive nursing education by means of imparting knowledge and skills of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of nursing and health care.
  • Holistic approach will include physical, mental and spiritual aspects in nursing education and training.
  • The students will have scope for extracurricular development by means of sports, cultural activities and events.
  • The overall efforts and contribution of the institutional services will strive for the excellence in nursing profession becoming par with other health care disciplines viewing interdisciplinary collaborations and partnership.


  • Prepare nurses, who will be able to demonstrate competency in providing efficient health care to individual sick or well, using nursing skill & technique.
  • To apply knowledge form humanities, biological, nursing arts & behavioral sciences in functioning as a nurse.
  • To learn to exercise skill human relation & group dynamics.